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The purpose of the Santa Barbara Eastside Society is to address, educate, coordinate, and implement community solutions that improve the quality of life on the Eastside and increase the well-being and health of our diverse community members.

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An Editorial
by Eastside Society President Tino De Guevara
October 3, 2019

Salvation Army Forum with the Eastside Community

Homelessness is an issue affecting the public nationwide. Here in Santa Barbara, and particularly in the Eastside, we are faced with the issue of people living on the streets and in their cars. Being homeless is not always a permanent situation but a state of existence that can be resolved through collaboration between the community and public service.

The Santa Barbara Eastside Society (SBES) heard through the social media format, Nexdoor, that the Eastside community was concerned and upset over a proposed plan by the Salvation Army to construct a facility, which would permanently house 14 chronically homeless people in the South Alisos neighborhood. To the board’s surprise, approximately thirty people showed up at the SBES’ regular board meeting on September 16th. Subsequently, the board decided to act as facilitators (not advocates) for the public meeting between the Salvation Army and the community-at-large.

On Monday, September 23rd, Vice President Tony Navarro and I met with representatives of the Salvation Army to construct a meaningful and fair hearing between the community and Salvation Army. The plan was designed for the Salvation Army to present their project for the permanent residence at 15 S. Alisos Street, at the Franklin Neighborhood Center on Monday, September 30th. The SBES would act as facilitators, and the public would ask their questions.

On Monday, September 30th, approximately 120 people arrived at the Franklin Center for the public forum. As facilitators of the meeting, SBES was encouraged by the large turnout of residents interested in hearing the Salvation Army’s presentation. Our objective was to have as many people ask questions while keeping order in the meeting. To achieve this, cards were distributed to each person to write down their questions. The SBES collected the cards and presented them to the Salvation Army for reading and responding with answers as agreed upon in our planning meeting.

Unfortunately, some members from the audience became unruly very quickly and began shouting challenges and questions to the speakers to the point where they could not answer the questions. Despite my best efforts to quell the shouting and call for a calm and reasonable discussion, the audience became rude and disruptive, talking out of turn, shouting over the speakers, and accusing the Salvation Army of “cherry picking the questions”.

The meeting ended with Jason Dominguez, City Council representative for District 1, explaining that the process wasn’t over and that there were modifications that the Salvation Army had to address. The Salvation Army took all the cards and hopefully will respond to any unanswered questions.

The issue of homelessness is a national tragedy which needs addressing through collaboration, compassion and communal support. As a society we must look internally and ask ourselves: “What if it was my brother, father, mother, son or daughter in this situation. What would I do to help them?” After all, we are all in this together. Solutions are discovered through honest dialogue, not by discrediting and attacking those trying to help.

The views expressed in President's Corner are the personal opinions of the Eastside Society President . They do not represent the official policy or views of the Eastside Society.

City Collects Feedback about the Future of Milpas Street

About 100 community members met at a Listening Workshop put on by the City of Santa Barbara’s Public Works Department on October 1 to identify needs and desires for the future of the Milpas Street corridor. It's not too late to provide your input about walking, biking, traffic, and lighting on Milpas. Take the survey by November 15 to help create an action plan for this corridor. Click on one of the links below to access the survey:



City staff will collect the feedback received at the workshop, from the survey, and from emailed comments and will develop approaches to address the issues raised. At an Approach Workshop later in the year, these solutions will be presented for further community input.

"The Santa Barbara Eastside Society is dedicated to the proposition that community comes first. We hope you become a Member and support 'Community First' by joining the Santa Barbara Eastside Society."

- Tino A. De Guevara, President, Santa Barbara Eastside Society

Our Goals

Cultural Events

These may include festivals, celebrations, parades and other activities that promote holidays and the cultural heritage of the Milpas Eastside corridor and surrounding areas.


Addressing health issues in the community by connecting the public with related health services.


Promoting safety measures by collaborating with police services, neighbors and businesses to ensure a safer community.


Improve the aesthetic value of the community by decorating for holidays, participating in clean-up days, and advocating for landscape improvements by the City of Santa Barbara.

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