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The purpose of the Santa Barbara Eastside Society is to address, educate, coordinate, and implement community solutions that improve the quality of life on the Eastside and increase the well-being and health of our diverse community members.

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The Corona Virus: A World Crisis that Deserves Our Attention
An Editorial by Eastside Society President Tino De Guevara
March 31, 2020

The new pandemic, known as Covid19 or the Corona Virus, is sweeping the world and creating a national crisis here in the U.S. America now leads the world and is in the unenviable position of recording the highest number of cases of Covid 19. California Governor Gavin Newsom was the first to impose statewide controls by establishing the “Shelter in Place” policy to prevent the spread of the disease. Nevertheless, some are treating this highly contagious virus as if it were another passing inconvenience, like having to wait for a cross-walk signal or standing in line at a grocery store. California’s infection rate is doubling every several days, and the dire warning that 50% of the population in California could be infected is serious indeed. What the public needs now is reliable information, reassurance from our top leaders and self-discipline to end the crisis.

As difficult as it seems, we as individuals must surrender some of our independence and avoid contact with others or at least distance ourselves. At times, the measures imposed by the governor and city and county officials seem draconian but necessary for the safety of everyone, and public safety should always outweigh political and social agendas. There are now 20 handwashing stations throughout Santa Barbara County, and there should be more. This is an effective start to managing the pandemic. The “shelter in place and social distancing” advocated by our medical experts needs to be taken seriously if we expect to topple the Corona Virus. In other words, have a virtual happy hour on line and drink a “Quarantini” in the comfort of your home, but be sure to wash your hands.

Locally, it is encouraging to see the good people of the Eastside accepting the imposed restrictions with grace despite the economic impact upon local businesses and the cancellations of social gatherings. We, at the Santa Barbara Eastside Society are supporting food distribution services as well as providing resource information on Covid19.

Finally, we must take it upon ourselves to set the example for others if we are to survive this pandemic. With this in mind, there are several things that we can do: Stay informed on medical information throughout the county, follow the “Shelter in Place” rule and not gather in crowds, and seek to help others in need.

Here is the website for the Public Health Department of Santa Barbara County, or call 2-1-1 for more information or the County Call Center at 833-688-5551. Information is given both in English and Spanish. The Santa Barbara Eastside Society is donating to several food bank services in Santa Barbara, and we encourage everyone to do the same no matter how small an amount. All of it helps the community as a whole. When it’s all said and done, we as the community have the power to beat this disease.

Stay Safe, Keep Well and Offer your help where possible.

Tino De Guevara, President,
Santa Barbara Eastside Society

The views expressed in President's Corner are the personal opinions of the Santa Barbara Eastside Society President . They do not represent the official policy or views of the Santa Barbara Eastside Society.

"The Santa Barbara Eastside Society is dedicated to the proposition that community comes first. We hope you become a Member and support 'Community First' by joining the Santa Barbara Eastside Society."

- Tino A. De Guevara, President, Santa Barbara Eastside Society

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